10 Books You Must Read for Finance

The world of Finance can seem convoluted and confusing to a neophyte, especially since finance covers a lot of ground. So what’s the average investor supposed to do to gain more knowledge and learn about the complicated world of finance? It’s simple. First, you must educate yourself about the area of finance you want to focus on, and second you must find experts you trust in the area you want to learn more about. By reading the ponderings and prognostications of experts you will learn a great deal about finance.


10 Books You Must Read for Families

Many books claim to offer help and insight for families, and there are plenty of different versions available. For those looking for understanding of family relationships and building better families, the following 10 books are must-reads.

1. Parenting with Love and Logic by Foster Cline, MD and Jim Fay. This practical book teaches parents how to educate their children and discipline them without resorting to threats or condemnation. By applying the recommended standards, children learn how to make their own choices and ultimately develop better behavior.


Entertainment: 10 Books you must read

There are thousands of books to choose from and it’s almost impossible to know which ones are the most entertaining or the most meaningful. I’ve compiled a list of the 10 books that I think everyone should read.


10 Books You Must Read On the Subject Cooking

„How to Cook Everything“ by Mark Bittman

This comprehensive selection is perfect for the cook who wishes to use only one resource. Containing a couple thousand recipes, it truly has something for any occasion and fills the gaps in our list.

„Kitchen Essentials“ by Le Cordon Bleu

„Kitchen Essentials“ is not a recipe book or a guide on how to cook a specific dish; rather, it teaches the skills, techniques, and tools to master to form a foundation in the kitchen.


10 books you must read: Subject Computers

Few industries have seen as much innovation or have had as fundamental an impact on our daily lives than the computer industry. For better or for worse, the industry has transformed society in a manner few would have imagined a few short decades ago. Here in no particular is a list of 10 books that offer a great perspective into the industry.


Ten Science Books You Must Read

Writing about science for the public is a difficult task. Science writers frequently assume that the reader has knowledge that is beyond that of the layman. Some authorities, however, reduce their explanations to essentials that the layman can grasp. The books below do this without dumbing down the content, and are valuable additions to anyone’s library.


Ten Children’s Books You Must Read

Children’s books continue to thrive and be passed from generation to generation. At their best, they inspire and instruct us all about life. Here are 10 not to miss:

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Judith Viorst

People of any age, even a kindergartener, can have bad days. Alexander lets us know days like that are bound to happen and we can get over them just as he did.


10 books you must read: Subject Business

10 Business Books you must have on your shelf.

If you spent any time with any successful business owner you would find that the vast majority are huge readers. Successful business owners or successful people of any type are endless learners and so are constantly refreshing and updating their minds with a broad range of books. Business books can reinforce the knowledge they already possess, or can open up new avenues of thinking in regards to their business. What follows is a quick list of ten business books that belong on your shelf, read, researched, marked up and revisited again to help anyone succeed in business.

International Journal Of Cognitive Ergonomics

Richard J. Koubek
Wright State University
Gavriel Salvendy
Purdue University

Human factors and cognitive ergonomics researchers, cognitive psychologists, and those in the air traffic control, insurance, and information technology industries.

Editorial Scope
The International Journal of Cognitive Ergonomics publishes articles in cognitive ergonomics as it relates to the analysis, design, and operation of cognitive activities. The journal welcomes submissions of original laboratory and field experimentation, case studies, and thorough review and reappraisal articles on selected cognitive ergonomic areas.

Lesen muss Kindern Spaß machen!

In Zeiten der Reizüberflutung durch elektronische Medien ist es um so wichtiger, Kinder wieder an die guten alten Bücher heranzuführen. Dafür eignen sich klassische Märchen genauso gut, wie neue Erfolgsautoren.

Wichtig ist nur, den Spaß am Lesen zu wecken. Tipps bekommt man in guten Buchhandlungen oder durch Freunde, die Lieblingsbücher empfehlen können. Natürlich muss die Lektüre dem Alter des Kindes angemessen ausgewählt werden. Ein Harry Potter von Joane K. Rowling ist mit Sicherheit für Kinder ab der Grundschule geeignet, weniger jedoch für das Kindergartenalter.