Ten Thrillers You Have to Read

There’s no better way to spend a rainy day than curled up in a chair with a hot cup of coffee and a great book and spend a few hours visiting exotic locales and living vicariously through characters we know and love. Several authors quickly jump to mind for their thrill writing skill and each deserves a quick introduction to their world of espionage, thrill and excitement they can bring to a reader. These top ten thrillers are fan favorites and can turn a reader on to the other books by the author, setting up a cycle of thrill reading that can last a lifetime.

No list today can go without mentioning Dan Brown and The Da Vinci Code. This book combines art history, history and thrills in a page turner that will keep you riveted, and opens the door to the rest of Brown’s work.

If you like page turners, James Patterson is the master. This thrill writer turns out the Alex Cross novels that the reader cannot put down. Short chapters, fast plotting and awesome characters round out the novels. Start with Kiss the Girls and advance through all the Cross series, then move over to The Woman’s Murder Club for a West Coast take on solving crime.

From Patterson jump to Stuart Woods and Stone Barrington, an ex cop turned lawyer described as a George Clooney. Begin with New York Dead and you’ll start a journey of Stone’s adventures where he keeps getting in almost over his head time and time again. Quick pacing, quick chapters and laugh out loud funny.

If you like laugh out loud funny with your thrills, find Harlen Coben. This author can write unforgettable characters with heart. Start with Fade Away and you won’t be able to put it down.

After Coben visit with Brad Thor’s The Lions of Lucerne and get introduced to Scot Harvath. He’s an ex-Navy Seal turned Secret Service agent who has to rescue the President after he’s kidnapped. Action, adventure and thrills in a globetrotting adventure that talks a lot about American’s role in a global environment and explores our relationships with enemies, both foreign and domestic.

If you like espionage, find Vince Flynn’s books and add them to your shelf. Don’t begin with The Last Apostle, his latest book, go back to the beginning with XXXXXX. Mitch Rapp, the lead character is one of the rough men America relies on to man the walls and keep our freedom’s safe. He’s got no rules to play by since America’s enemies don’t use rules and he’ll stop at nothing to protect our country.

No self respecting thrill reader can ignore Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Identity. A lot of readers went into this series after watching the movie by the same name and were delighted to discover a fast moving adventure series with heart and soul as a highly trained assassin with amnesia struggles to discover who he is and more importantly why he was made.

While no addition is final to the list, instead each of these authors should open the reader up to more authors who write in the same thrill genre, no list is complete without Steve Berry and his leading character, Cotton Malone. Cotton is a retired government agent/lawyer living as a book dealer in Copenhagen. The Templar Legacy, The Venetian Betrayal and all of the other works in the series combine art, history, geography and science in a really well crafted and thoughtfully plotted stories that will keep you turning pages long after the lights are supposed to be out.

These authors have at least fifty books between them, which gives you one book a week for a year’s worth of thrill when you add them all to your list.

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