Teens: 10 Books you must read

1: Twilight: Any teen will love this book. It’s about a girl that ends up falling in love with a vampire. It may not sound like a teen book, but it’s great. It’s about love, friendship and superhero powers.

2: The Au Pairs: This is a book about three different girls who all become au pairs. They’re nothing alike. One girl used to be rich, one is poor and one is there trying to find her ex boyfriend. The girls end up become best friends and have the time of their life while babysitting a couple of children.

3. Rachels Tears: This book is about the Columbine shooting. Rachel was killed and her parents later found a diary. In the diary are entries about starting a chain effect of kindness. It’s a very inspiring and emotional book.
4. Gossip Girl Series: These girls have plenty of boys, alcohol and drama in their life. You’ll laugh while reading about their ups and downs and hangovers.

5. Angus Thongs and Full frontal snogging: This is the funniest book I’ve ever read. Georgia Nicolson is the main character, she’s 14 years old and hilarious.She has to deal with her little sister and parents doing insane things. She’s very witty and the typical teenage girl. She believes she’s ugly and cannot land any boys. It’s a great read, but is written with a British slang, but has a cool glossary in the back to make the read easier.

6. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants: These girls mothers met while they were all pregnant and the daughters have been best friends ever since. They are all different sizes but miraculously fit into the same pair of jeans. You get to explore the world with the girls as they separately travel to Greece, Mexico and around the US while marking the jeans with their experiences.

7. Outliers: A book about statistics? It may not sound very fun to read but it’s extremely interesting. You’ll learn about a lot of random things, like why so many hockey players are born in January or February.

8. If I Stay: Mia had a great life ahead of her. She had a great family, a boyfriend that she loved and was great at playing cello. She gets in a car accident and lies in a coma. She doesn’t know if she should live or die.

9. Into Thin Air: A nonfiction book about a mountaineer who was climbing Mount Everest when a storm took five peoples lives. The tragedy happened in 1996.

10. My Sisters Keeper: The most emotional book ever. It is about an eleven year old who finds out that the only reason she is alive is to give her kidney to her older sister, who is dying of leukemia. Her parents conceived her by in vitro fertilization and made her go through numerous medical procedures to make sure she would be able to donate. She hires a lawyer to try to earn medical emancipation from her mother.

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