10 Books You Must Read for Finance

The world of Finance can seem convoluted and confusing to a neophyte, especially since finance covers a lot of ground. So what’s the average investor supposed to do to gain more knowledge and learn about the complicated world of finance? It’s simple. First, you must educate yourself about the area of finance you want to focus on, and second you must find experts you trust in the area you want to learn more about. By reading the ponderings and prognostications of experts you will learn a great deal about finance.

Start with a basic book like Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kyosaki. This book is a simple primer on various aspects of finance that is a great introduction to business in general. The storytelling style is a good way to get to know the world of money.

Next, advance to Investment Biker by Jim Rogers or Adventure Capitalist for a very entertaining view of the world around us. Markets will open up and the global economy is fast becoming a reality. These two books give a broad overview and talk about getting to know the product you’re investing in, no matter what or where that might be.

Automatic Millionaire by David Bach is a must read for a simple blueprint to save for retirement. While he spends a little too much time telling people to live like paupers during their life to retire like kings once they are seniors, for the most part the advice is spot on and very valuable.

For the more adventurous finance investor, spend some time visiting with Donald Trump’s The Art of Success. While nominally a book about real estate investing, Trump has parlayed his name into a brand equated with luxury. Follow up with The Art of the Comeback which trumpets Trump’s return to the limelight and big time after a long decline. These two books alone can teach you about how to make a deal, how to find money, how to market it, and how to reap the benefits of hard work, focus and zeal.

Another book on finance that belongs on your shelf is The One Minute Millionaire by Mark Victor Hanson and Robert Allen. Part investment guide, part spiritual guide this book focuses on why you want to make more money, namely to give back. The more you make, the more you can give. It’s a quick and easy read as well that will have you thinking for months of new ways to invest and build your nest egg.

For the serious stock market investor Jim Cramer’s Crazy Money is a good primer to learn about the ups and down of investing with Wall Street. But a better take would be Michael Parness’ Power Trading Power Living. This book chronicles the tale of a man who left investing to his broker and paid the price for it, literally. When his account dwindled from six figures down to just five thousand dollars, Parness took back the power, became his own broker and parlayed that run into over three million dollars in three years. Eye opening and inspiring, this book is a must read for stock investing.

There should be no final word on finance since the world is changing almost every day. It’s a different economic climate from just three years ago all across the world and the opportunity to make money has never been easier. A book that is a must read for any person serious about making money to invest is How to invest in Stocks by Dennis O’Neal. A great introduction to the stock market it talks about long term investing for success, as opposed to trading, and covers a lot of ground outside of the market.

A quick ten books that will introduce and encourage you in the world of finance but no investor should ever stop there. Since the world changes so quickly, the markets and opportunities change. The basic tenets survive, such as buy low, sell high, but education is the key to recognizing when those opportunities present themselves.

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