10 Books You Must Read for Families

Many books claim to offer help and insight for families, and there are plenty of different versions available. For those looking for understanding of family relationships and building better families, the following 10 books are must-reads.

1. Parenting with Love and Logic by Foster Cline, MD and Jim Fay. This practical book teaches parents how to educate their children and discipline them without resorting to threats or condemnation. By applying the recommended standards, children learn how to make their own choices and ultimately develop better behavior.

2. Building Better Families: A Practical Guide to Raising Amazing Children by Matthew Kelly. The author of this book helps people realize who their families really are in order to fully accept them. He then gives a plan to help families grow into the greatest people they can be.

3. The Creative Family: How to Encourage Imagination and Nurture Family Connections by Amanda Blake Soule. The author gives ideas to nurture creativity within the family, and lists projects for children to do with their parents using everyday tools to establish togetherness and a sense of accomplishment.

4. Raising Respectful Kids in a Disrespectful World by Jill Rigby. This book was written by a mother who specifically sought to teach her children how to treat family members, parents, teachers, and others with respect. Being respectful to others ultimately teaches children how to respect themselves.

5. 1001 Things Your Kids Should See and Do Before They Leave Home by Harry H. Harrison, Jr. The author lists practical experiences for kids to learn and participate in while they are still young. A great resource for parents to teach their children to prepare them for maturity.

6. All Families Are Different by Sol Gordon. This book is for children that explains the different types of families. It teaches them that some families can be different from the next and still be called a family.

7. Guiding Your Family in a Misguided World by Dr. Anthony T. Evans. This book is a resource guide for families and educators about the importance of discipline in the lives of children and why permissiveness is not the ultimate solution.

8. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families by Steven R. Covey. Covey explains seven methods that families can implement into their lives to change them for the better. The book also shares personal stories of families who applied the habits and how it changed them.

9. The Everything Family Nutrition Book: All You Need to Keep Your Family Healthy, Active, and Strong by Leslie Bilderback and Sandra Nissenberg. This is a good resource to keep families healthy and make the right nutritional choices. It includes recipes for wholesome, family-friendly meals as well as nutrient information and guides.

10. Families: Intergenerational and Generational Connections by Susan K. Pfeifer and Marvin B. Sussman. This book discusses the research of relationships between generations for family members to connect with each other in positive and meaningful ways. It is ideal for families or relationship counselors.

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