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Axanta AG: Seriös oder Unseriös ?

Immer wieder stehen Unternehmer vor dem Problem, keinen Nachfolger für ihre Firma zu finden. Die Erkenntnis, die Nachfolge des Lebenswerks an Externe weitergeben zu müssen, ist für viele Betroffene gewöhnungsbedürftig. Der gesamte Verkaufsprozess ist hochemotional, denn die eigene zukünftige Lebensplanung wird mit der Übergabe schlagartig verändert. Die Regelung der eigenen Nachfolge ist folglich eine der größten persönlichen Herausforderungen im Arbeitsleben. Es gilt: Rechtzeitiges Handeln, um die Unternehmensnachfolge in Ruhe planen und durchführen zu können. Denn nichts ist unangenehmer als Zeitdruck beim Unternehmensverkauf.


10 Books You Must Read for Finance

The world of Finance can seem convoluted and confusing to a neophyte, especially since finance covers a lot of ground. So what’s the average investor supposed to do to gain more knowledge and learn about the complicated world of finance? It’s simple. First, you must educate yourself about the area of finance you want to focus on, and second you must find experts you trust in the area you want to learn more about. By reading the ponderings and prognostications of experts you will learn a great deal about finance.


10 books you must read: Subject Business

10 Business Books you must have on your shelf.

If you spent any time with any successful business owner you would find that the vast majority are huge readers. Successful business owners or successful people of any type are endless learners and so are constantly refreshing and updating their minds with a broad range of books. Business books can reinforce the knowledge they already possess, or can open up new avenues of thinking in regards to their business. What follows is a quick list of ten business books that belong on your shelf, read, researched, marked up and revisited again to help anyone succeed in business.

How-to guide for investing in the technology sector

Fisher Investments Press released sixth sector guide, Fisher Investments on Technology.

The Technology sector changes rapidly. Today, the world is increasingly connected 24/7 by technology. In Q4 2010, more „smart phones“ were sold globally than PCs for the first time, and tablet computer sales are forecast to increase more than 200% in 2011.* Meanwhile, the increasingly interconnected nature of society, from social networks to on-demand entertainment and cloud computing, is driving huge growth in data traffic across public and private networks. These and many other trends will drive growth in the technology sector, creating winners and losers along the way (from entire industries to individual companies). This book provides a virtual GPS for navigating the increasingly complex landscape of Technology investing.